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With Who it Happened....

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes We Are Alive

Dear Past Blog Followers,

I would like to apologize for the weakness of not posting since February. I promise my life has been more exciting the last 9 months, it's just Jordan and I have been so busy with everything. Lets just show a few pictures of what's happened since I've last posted.

Best Decision I've Made In My Life So Far:

1. I married my best friend, who also turned out to be a lovely bride. Through six months of marriage there has been a lot to learn, but it's so much fun to learn those things together. I love Jordan more and more everything and it seems like I keep finding new qualities about that girl that keeps that love growing. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Karly's a Married Woman:

My little sister Karly was married a few weeks ago. No, you heard it correctly. Karly was married before Glen. bahahaha. Pressures on bro. haha. But it's crazy to see how much our family is growing. My dad and mom each have a new son-in-law and a new daughter-in-law to enjoy and it's only going to get bigger. Family meetings have become even more special this year as we are slowing growing apart as we go our various ways. When we get together we most certainly have to take advantage of it because it only comes once.

King James Moving to Miami:

Of course I can't post a blog and not mention the change in my favorite basketball player, LeBron James going to Miami to form a talented squad with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. It's been hard to watch, because now LeBron is hated everywhere he goes. Recently he returned to his old arena in Cleveland and dropped 38 points in only 3 quarters of play. Basketball season is in full swing, College Football is wrapping up and I am almost done with school til April because of the track system at BYU-Idaho.

Trip to Boise:

Jordan and I on Karly and Wade's reception a few weeks ago in Boise went to the Anniversary Inn to celebrate our six months together. It was fun. We stayed in the Fisherman's Wharf Suite and loved the theme of the room. I have to give a shoutout to my friend Nataley for helping me get this from Melaleuca. It was fun to go and not have to pay a dime through a rewards program through work. She hooked us up, so had to give her a little shoutout.

The bed was made of a boat.

The bath was filled by water spitting out of the fish.
The shower was a seashell that dripped off like a waterfall.

And the thing that Jordan loved the most was the fishtank in our room.

It was just so nice for Jordan and I to get away. We have had so much to do with school and work that we hardly see each other. It's important that we spend time together by dating regularly as well as a couple and we have enjoyed the time we have been able to spend together. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Well hopefully i'll get better. Especially through the Holidays so you all can know what is going on with Jordan and I. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives at this time as well and are so grateful for the blessings of knowing we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and his son who sacrificed so much so we can be here and repent of our wrongdoings. I hope we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas and continue to be lights unto the world and the gospel rolls forth to all four corners of the Earth. Love you all, and love keeping up with you through your blogs, we will try to do the same.


Ryan and Jordan Bennion

Monday, February 15, 2010

Groundhog Day and How She Just Happened To Say Yes!

Alright, with all the craziness going on with the engagement tonight is the first night I have to sit down and edit my blog. Yes, I realize that I haven't commented on my blog in 3+ months. I'll get better. Maybe i'll even give Jord my password so she can make it happen to more frequently update this. Here it goes.

I had a basketball game up in Rexburg and Jordan assumed that was going to be the only reason I was heading up to Rexburg. I told her I was going to shower after the game so we could hangout. True, and not so true. I did shower, but it was the start of new beginnings for both of us. And I left a little message for her.

I gave this first clue to her roommate and told her I would text her after I showered to give Jordan the clue and get her started on these.

At every place that I had her go to I had a poem of the next clue. Some things are inside jokes to us, but for the most part I think you could understand where this was going. I had her go to specific places that we had created memories.

First Clue: We used to go what we called "Spotlighting." We would go to the temple because people "make out" at the temple. (Dont' ask me why, I find it quite humorous) I know, childish, but hey, we loved it and it created some good memories. Pure classics.

Well Jordan I know I’d told you I’m going to shower,

But actually it’s a trick, and now you have the power.

To unlock the secret behind this treasure search,

You will need to go to a symbol of our church.

Not talking about a chapel but it does have a steeple,

Many frequent weekends there’s weddings with lots of people.

You’ll remember this easy, because a guy kicked my car,

There will be somebody there, you won’t go very far.

I had a friend at each spot. This is Quinn who was at the temple. We play ball together. If your interested in him let me know, he's single.

Second Clue: This next clue is at a church building that we went to and watched a movie out in the middle of the church lawn. It was supposed to be a scary movie but it was a joke. It has a good view of the city, but we got spotlighted as well while we were watching the movie. Another good memory.

Good job on the that one you are the best,

Believe me JP, I’ve put it to the test.

The next spot for you is a view of the city,

This view is like you, it is so very pretty.

This is a church and it has a steeple,

We watched Molly Hartley here when there were no people.

But this place isn’t scary and neither was the movie,

So go to that church, and everything will be groovy.

This is my old roommate Dustin Krall. Also single, just let me know.

Clue #3: This is where we met, which is actually a funny story. Jordan and her friend Kenzie thought I was really cocky when I met them. I had a thing for Jordan and was being sarcastic all night, and they took it as arrogance. Good thing she gave me a second chance, otherwise I would still be swimming in the singles pool. We had some good memories there as well. There were no pictures available then, the kid who was at this apartment Jordan didn't know, so there is no pics with him. haha.

This next place is funny for so many reasons,

This is where I met you during this winter season.

You though I was cocky, so maybe I am,

You hated me at first, which wasn’t in the plan.

But you gave me a chance and now I am oh so blessed,

To prove you wrong, and put your faith to the test.

But its okay Jordan Peck please don’t hate,

Go to beloved Shelbourne, Apartment Number 8.

Clue #4: Nature Park. We went here one time to watch a movie in the back of Jordan's car. We folded down the seats and brought my computer because her roommates were watching a movie in her house. Little did we know that this park has a curfew, and a cop came up to our window and told us to leave. By the way, the cop was on a bike. Made me laugh. We also went here for a Sunday stroll one time with our friends. We have a friend named Asa who found a turtle here and wanted to go turtle hunting. It was a waste of time looking for the turtle. But we still had a good time.

Good job Jordan, you’re getting to the end,

This next spot is kinda far and it will bend.

This is a place where you can feed the little ducks,

Where we saw the bike policeman and said, “Oh suck.”

The curfew here is 12, and we didn’t even know,

Because we were stuck in the car watching a show.

I’ll never act like that silly Bradley Cooper,

And I’ll never leave you hangin, cause you’re super-duper!

If you can’t figure it out remember Asa and turtles,

How we wasted a day, cause he was being a nerd-le.

So go to this park where you can explore a natural thing,

Where ducks seem to quack, and birds seem to sing.

This is our really good friends Brandon Smith and Caleb Hendricks with the next clue. Brandon got engaged a week or so ago as well. Caleb is also single and available. Once again, just let me know. Caleb is practically Jordan's older brother and part of Jordan's "other" family.

Clue #5: Back to her Apartment. I had a trail of these Personalized M&M's, and if you can't read what is on the M&M's read the caption below them. The trail lead to her bathroom, and on the toilet was the next clue. Jordan's Apartment was where we had first kissed, and we kissed during Baby Mama of all movies.

Well were almost done Jord, and to decide your fate,

Go to where we had our first kiss, but not our first date.

We watch Baby Mama and had a good chuckle,

And you kissed me back, that time you didn’t buckle.

I love you Jordan, for learning how to be kissed,

Cause the cabin hurt me bad, cause I’ve never been dissed.

Just you follow the trail, follow the pink and white,

At the end I’ll be waiting, and it will be so tight.

One says "Will You Marry Me?" The other says "May 20, 2010" (Yes we already had the date picked out,) and the last one is a photo that we took together up in Kennewick, WA where her Dad and his family currently reside.

Clue #6: Just wanted to throw in a little humor. The next clue lead to my car outside. I recorded a slideshow for Jordan with all our pictures and little trips we had gone on so she could remember them, together with some music. I had a hookup in my car to listen to it through my speakers. I'll try to load it up here, but its a ten minute video and I dont know if it will load up. But halfway through I paused it and told her i had a gift for her. I pulled out a bag of those personalized M&M's. Then I restarted it, and a few minutes later I put it on pause again and gave her a dozen roses. At the end of the slideshow it has a screen that asks her to marry me, and i'm sorry, I wasn't thinking, and didn't get on one knee, but she said YES! May 20th, 2010. We are very excited.

I’m sorry Jordan I’m really not full of crap,

For this next clue you won’t need a map.

Take a leap of faith and walk outside,

I promise you Jord that I’ll be by your side.

Not just today but forever and ever, Trevor.

I hope this is something you think is cleaver.

But you are something that I will leave never,

Hope this is the first of the memories, we will start to treasure.

This is Jordan and Her Roommate with the roses they received, those are the roses I gave her during the video.

Jordan flaunting her new "ice" on her finger.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Poem

Well I decided to write a poem for Jordan. We've been dating for a while now, so I decided to bust out my poem moves and see what I could come up with. I liked it. Though I would share it with the blog.

The Last Five Months

The Last Five Months have been the greatest of them all,

Because of a girl whom everyone though was kinda tall.

Not tall for me, unless she wear stilletos,

But she won’t wear those, cause she’s not from the ghettos.

It’s a girl named Jordan who I met up in Rexy,

And Dang I must point out, that she is pretty sexy.

But its not just looks with her beautiful brown hair,

Its her compassionate love, and that she always seems to care.

She hated me at first, because for some reason I was cocky,

I guess I talked about myself like I was some star like Rocky.

Rocky the Boxer, and not Rocky the sweetest ninja ever,

I love her sense of music, which helps her be Miss Clever.

She’s wanted, she’s hot, she’s everything I’m not,

Which will help me in the end, so that I don’t rot.

I love her so much, she always brightens up my day,

Who would want that, oh, I know, someone that’s gay?

Gay as in fag, not gay as in happy,

Because if I was gay, Jordan would give me a slappy.

She keeps me in line and will always make me better,

And when she gets really cold she wears my big sweater.

I like it like that, then I smell her all night,

To ask for that forever, I think I just might?

So when would Jordan and I fall for each other,

I think its already happened, but don’t tell her brother.

I love you so much, thanks for the last five months of your time,

If your by my side forever, I promise you’ll never whine.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

From April to August

Sorry Guys, I know I am bad at this. I keep putting it off and putting it off and well....I can't put it off any longer I guess. As you can see it is August now. I am back at home for the first time since returning from my mission in 2007, so it is a little different adjustment, but it is getting better.

First of all, School has been really good to me. I came out with some good grades this last semester, and feel that I am planned to graduate around Fall of 2011. Which doesn't seem that far away after I have realized how fast the two years that I have been home have gone. It seems like the older I get, the faster life gets moving. But I am grateful every step of the way for the experiences that I have been able to have at BYU-Idaho, and thank the many tithing donors that make the college experience cheaper and literally make it happen.

Second, my cousin Ashley was married this past weekend. It was neat to be in her sealing room and feel the spirit from the Sealer sealing them for Time and All Eternity. They are two people who are meant to be together that's for sure. A little forgetful at times, especially during crunch times, and for the sake of them I won't mention ANY of the MANY things they forgot that day, but they made it happen, and I am happy for them.

Third, I am dating a girl as well. We have been dating for about three months, and her name is Jordan. She is from Pocatello and is just a little "burst of sunshine" in everyone's life. I think the more I date the more I realize what I want and things are going well. She is going into Exercise Science and wants to be a PA (Physician's Assistant) so she is a great student trying to get into the PA Program they have down at ISU. I am grateful for her and how she helps me be a better person each day, what more could a guy ask for right?

Fourth, for those of you who don't know, my parents split up about a month ago. It has been very different and something we wish wouldn't have happened, but it has given me a whole new perspective on love, and I am so grateful for each of them and what they have done for me in my life, and the great examples they have been to me. We all go through trials, some are tougher than others, but I know that's why we are here. I couldn't ask for better parents to guide me through life's journeys and I love each of them very much. I know what I need to do to complete that journey as well. The Lord is in control in everything I do, and I am grateful for his love as well as the sacrifice made by our Savior Jesus Christ. Only through him can we return to live in the presence of him.

Totally love life right now. My brother is now home from his mission and it has been very enjoyable for him and I to hangout together like old times. We were able to go to the Temple with my cousin during her sealing this weekend, and the spirit was so strong there. I haven't felt the spirit that strong since I was on my mission.

Seriously loving life and I am really starting to realize what is important in life these days, and it boils down to one thing: Family.

This is Danielle's Daughter Ellie. She is so spoiled as a baby, but aren't all the oldest spoiled at first? haha. She is so fun when she is happy, but it's awesome to be her uncle, because once she starts crying, we just give her to her mom or dad. haha.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Semester Full of Championship Victories

I know, I know. I'm horrible at this. Forgive me please.

This is the last picture we took as a family. Well...an FHE Family that is. We had a good time with our FHE sisters this year, and we had some good memories that will last for a longtime.

Well Winter Semester has ended two weeks ago, and now, it's all about Summer Semester. Just to recap a few victories and priceless moments that i enjoyed during Winter Semester.

Number One:
This is The BYU-Idaho Wildcats. We took the Championship for the Winter in the Intramural League up here. This is right after winning the title. We won by 20 in the final game. It was a great game.

The game we played the night before was more of a Championship Game. We won by 3. We were up 8 with 3 minutes to play in the Semi's and I fouled out and our other point guard fouled out. So we were kind of nervous with no ball-handler in there, but we pulled it out.
Our Coach isn't as hardcore as he looks. He got rocked in his playoff game the night before and had to get stitches. So for that he is wearing a patch above his eye. Sweet victory #1.

(this is a video of the introduction)


University of North Carolina. A team picked to win the championship before the season started, and they had a few let downs during the season, but picked it up where it matters. UNC beat Michigan State in the Title Game by a similar margin of victory. They might have 3 underclassmen (who aren't seniors) leave early to go to the NBA. But they have a good recruiting class coming in. It will be interesting to see if they pull it out in the end.

Dont worry, that championship shirt that they are wearing right there, yeah, I bought it. $18.00 and free shipping. I couldn't turn it down. I might be the only one rocking it on BYU-Idaho's campus, but I will rock it with pride. haha.

Number Three:

Number three, or better said, number 23 (Lebron James) is still in the making. The NBA Playoffs start today and Lebron and company are looking good. But now it doesn't matter what you have done in the season, it's all about showing up at the right time in the Playoffs. They went 39-2 at home, almost tying the record set by the Boston Celtics team of Greats, (Ainge, Johnson, McHale and who can forget, Bird). Things are shaping up well in Cleveland. But its gonna be a challenge. They say three is a crowd, not here, three victories by three of my favorite teams would be DELIGHTFUL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Ellie's Big Day

Well I'm an Uncle. It's Official. Today was the blessing of Ellie Lynae Thompson in Idaho Falls. This is just one of the pictures of this adorable little girl. I wish I could take her home sometimes and just not have to worry about when she has poopy diapers or is hungry or fussy; and I could totally handle her. haha.
But it's amazing to see the change in the enviorment that this little baby has brought to my family as well as my sister and her husband. It strengthens everyones testimony that we really did live somewhere before we lived here on the Earth. I remember teaching a few people right after they had their babies in Guatemala and it definitely gives people a whole new perspective on life and what is really important. The TV and everything else makes us feel that worldly things are more important, but sometimes these babies are sent here to teach us a little lesson on humility. To let us take a step back and realize what is REALLY important in life.
They had some sweet professional photos that people did for them and they have her sitting in this cup with a little flower on top. I tried to find it but they don't have it at the moment. One day i will get it up here.
But it's official. Ellie Lynae has been blessed, but more so is blessings the lives of all those who are around her.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Semester....A New Life

For those of you who are still following my blog, and are disappointed that I haven't updated it lately, here you go.

A lot of things have changed. Back to the single life for me. I've guess I've learned my lesson in a way about dating younger girls. We just don't have that much in common. Obviously I can't expect anyone to be perfect until I am perfect myself, (and we all know that is never going to happen haha) but the necessities of a relationship weren't there. It's for the better and life moves on.

As far as school I am on my break until April. I am on the summer/fall track right now here at BYU-Idaho, meaning I study from April to December. There is a short 7-week break that we have during that time, but money is tight right now that's for sure. It's getting hard to pay for everything this year, so I think I might take off the summer semester off and work to get some more money. I feel pretty good about life right now. I'm basically on my own, Gary and Renae are doing great helping me out when they can. They are still paying for my insurance which is nice. Otherwise I would have to fork over another $250 for insurance through the school.

I'm in the 3rd year of school. I figure I will test out of Spanish this winter which will give me 12 credits. Another blessing of serving in a Spanish speaking mission. I am just starting to get into my major, which is Communications. I am going to focus in Marketing, and eventually have plans to get down to Glendale, Arizona to a school called Thunderbird, which is an international business school. I hope to be able to do International Marketing and use my Spanish.

Currently I am still employed at Melaleuca. It is treating me well. Love speaking to the Spanish customers. Sometimes they make me a little baggy or "trunky" for the mission again. But I think everyone has those nostalgic feelings from time to time.

Love the gospel. Love my ward. Things are just going great now. I guess you could say i just need a girl to complete it. I'm not worried. I will find one. I got my missionary out still, she has about 6 months now. I can't believe Glen will be home in June. That's 4 1/2 months from now. CARAZY! It will be 4 years unless you include those 15 minutes in the MTC.

Well I hope this was a great update. I will get better. Definitely one of my New Year's Resolutions. Take Care. Set some goals this year and let's accomplish those little buggers. Miss you all. Update me please. haha.

Did I mention I dominate on the Wii?